Hamilton Tanks is not only committed to providing superior manufactured tanks, but we also strive to provide complete solutions for all your liquid storage requirements.  We combine our quality manufacturing, a complete line of petroleum accessories, and the following services to meet  all of your needs.

Design Calculations

Hamilton Tanks has the design capabilities and knowledge to help with your custom-built UL-142 Labeled Tanks, API-650 Annex J Storage Tanks, ASME Section VIII Div 1 Pressure Vessels, Vertical Skirted Tanks, Elevated Tanks with Legs, and other specialty tank needs.

Tank Heating

Hamilton Tanks can meet your tank heating needs. We have experience with internal and external heating coils, electric immersion heaters, heating blankets, and dimple jackets.

Pressure Testing

Hamilton Tanks performs leak testing on all of our tanks to ensure they are leak free after fabrication. We use both air pressure and hydrostatic water pressure to meet the testing requirements of UL, STI, API, & ASME.

NDE Testing

Additional forms of Non-Destructive Examination are available as required per code or upon request including X-Rays, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, and more.

Vacuum Testing

Vacuum Testing is available as a form of leak testing on the secondary space of our double-walled tanks. Tanks can also be shipped to site with a vacuum held on the secondary space to eliminate the need for performing on site testing.

WaterFill Testing

When conventional leak testing is not an option, such as on open top tanks or containment dikes, water fill testing is available. This method uses the static weight of water to look for any leaks below liquid level.

Tank Insulation

We can also provide insulation options to minimize heat loss and improve efficiency. Our tanks are insulated here at our shop before delivery, that way you receive a finished product ready for install and operation.

Interior & Exterior Coating

Hamilton Tanks has in-house blast and painting facilities to meet your coating needs. We also offer interior coating services matched to be compatible with your products and applications. Galvanizing is also an option on structural components.

Mechanical Installation

Full installation of most tank accessories at Hamilton Tanks prior to shipment. Tank arrives ready for service after field installation of normal vent and riser piper, which ship loose.


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