Tank, Containment Dike & Rainshield

Our Tank, Dike & Rainshield Storage Tanks include a single wall storage tank installed within a containment dike providing 110% of the tank capacity, with a half or full rainshield.


Features include:

  • Single wall tank installed within a secondary containment dike satisfying regulations that require a minimum of 110% of the primary tank capacity
  • The Single Wall tank may be designed to UL-142, ASME, or other tank specifications per your requirements
  • The containment dike is constructed of A-36 carbon steel with reinforced gusset plates as needed based on the size of the dike
  • The half rainshield design provides light-weight aluminum removable panels that extend from the edge of the containment dike to a mid-point on the tank.
  • The full rainshield design provides a complete enclosure of the tank
  • Tanks that require heating systems and/or insulation are also accommodated in the Tank-Dike-Rainshield design

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