Heated and Insulated Storage Tanks

From freeze protection to maintaining heated liquids at 400° Farenheit, Hamilton Tanks provides engineered heating and insulation systems for your storage tank needs.

Heating Solutions

Features include:

  • Engineered solutions for heating and maintaining temperature of your liquid product
  • Thermal Fluid, Steam, Electric and Direct Fired Kit heating solutions available
  • Heating Coils constructed of 2" Schedule 40 Finned Tube or 2" Schedule 40 Smooth Seamless Pipe with 180° weld returns.  Also available in Schedule 80.
  • Immersion Electric heating elements sized and engineered for the capacity of your tank, the temperature you wish to maintain, and the heating properties of the liquid.
  • Digital Temperature Controls provided for setting the min and max temperature range
  • The heating system and controls are installed in the tank prior to shipment
Insulation Solutions

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